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Credit to Flickr 2 May 2009

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Toby in the Grand' Place

Toby in the Grand' Place

So, I step into the world of blogs. I found WordPress from Flickr, which I have been using for a couple of years but have only just become a ‘pro’ on (having hit the 200-photos ceiling for free use). I love it for the way it lets you combine pictures and words – so I hope WordPress, conversely, lets me combine words and pictures.

My partner Truus has just exclaimed: “But you always say you hate blogs!”. I had to explain (or possibly backtrack) by saying that what I dislike is bad blogs (as I dislike bad books). In some way, blogging seems to have become a delinquent’s plaything, an excuse for bad or insulting behaviour in public.

So I intend to be gentle and observant, and to report what I find amusing or remarkable in the world.



1. Simon - 4 May 2009

My goodness, For the blogosphere, a reliable source of information about urinals, trams, beer and co-operation at last. And for you, an even better displacement activity. Win-win. Pip-pip.

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