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Mapping congestion for Brussels trams 21 November 2012

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Some great maps of how and where the traffic holds up Brussels’s trams can be found on the excellent Brussels Studieswebsite. An example is:

Time lost by Brussels trams, 2006 (Dobruszkes & Fourneau, 2007)

Personally (and by British standards) I find Brussels’s public transport excellent, but I work mostly from home. You can just imagine the frustrated commuters trapped in the queues shown by the thick blue lines such as the Chaussée de Charleroi and at Place Liedts. To be fair, STIB tried to free up the Chaussée de Charleroi, and a pilot was run in 2002 to divert traffic via Rue Defacqz – but the local shopkeepers insisted that the parking places were more important and it was scrapped. It’s now in the Ecolo/Groen manifesto. But this whole bottleneck is totally unnecessary anyway as there is already an unused tunnel under the Goulet Louise, dug when the metro was created, but never brought into use. Antwerp recently brought some of its unused tunnels into use, so why not Brussels?
Read the full papers on the Brussels Studies site.

It seems that the plan that is in fact being studied is to take more cars off the surface by building a tunnel from the Porte de Hal direction to the Ave Louise. That would be nice because it would keep the trams in the open air. And if you did put the trams in the tunnel, where would you put the ramp in the Chaussée de Charleroi?


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