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Electricity prices – unfair comparisons 18 December 2012

Posted by cooperatoby in Brussels.
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Electricity meterI’ve just learnt a new and total distrust of price comparison sites – Belgian ones anyway. The other week our copropriété decided to switch electricity providers, and Essent looked the best. I typed my private consumption details into Mesfournisseurs.be – and was told that switching to Essent would save me not the 17% I expected but, wait for it, 100% of my bill – yes, my power would be free. I am sceptical it would work out like that in practice.

This morning, stung by an abnormally high Internet bill from EDPnet, I took up their own suggestion and compared prices on besttariff.be. Strangely, whatever probable or improbable usage estimates I key in, it always always recommends Belgacom – and at prices higher than I am currently paying!

There are some rubbish programmers around, hiding behind glitzy web design. It makes (seasonal) mincemeat of information assymmetry being the main barrier to fair markets. Maybe good old fairness – ethical business practices – would work better.

Invest in Luxembourg!

It’s not what you might think. The Lucéole co-operative is inviting subscriptions to invest in a wind farm at Fauvillers in Luxembourg province. it offers an ethical investment at a fair return.


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