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An inkling of progress in Greece 17 January 2013

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Two EU initiatives are applying social enterprise tools to the problems in Greece:

(1) From the quarterly report to December 2012 of the EU’s Task Force for Greece:

On Social Economy, the objective is to support the Greek authorities in establishing conditions favouring the flourishing of a social economy ecosystem. Swedish and German experts now sit on a Technical Steering Committee that provides advice on the introduction and development of the social economy, and have helped to devise plans for creating support networks for fledgling social enterprises at national and local level. Experts from France, Belgium and the UK are also engaged in groups set up to develop criteria for the award of grants to new social co-operatives, and to devise means of providing micro credits. A successful workshop was held at the end of October for the exchange of experience and views between a UK social entrepreneur in the care sector and all the Greek social enterprises newly formed in that sector and some who were planning to do so. Networking, mutual support, determination and demonstrating a competitive edge through quality of service were key points raised. Further sectoral workshops are also planned in addition to awareness raising sessions in Thessaloniki and Crete, at which UK social entrepreneurs would participate.

(2) Greece is also a member of the Social Entrepreneurship Network that is shortly to be launched among ESF Managing Authorities as a follow-up to BSFE. Greece is slated to host a peer review on support for the start-up of social enterprises. It can’t some soon enough.



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