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How did Google cross the road? 18 February 2013

Posted by cooperatoby in social economy.
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Google Maps' 22.7-mile recommendation on how to cross the road

Google Maps’ 22.7-mile recommendation on how to cross the road

At the beginning of March I’m going to the E3M conference Successful Social Enterprise organised by Social Business International. This takes place in the small town of Kettering, which although hardly famous other than for shoemaking, is conveniently located an hour north of St Pancras. I used Google Maps to work out the best route from the Travelodge to Kettering Conference Centre, just across the A14 bypass. This produced inexplicable results. I can see plainly that it’s a walk of a kilometre or so, but Google offers me a route of no less than 22.7 miles, taking 7.5 hours. it wants to send me on a route march out east, ignoring countless junctions, to beyond Thrapston, and then have me double back and cross over myself. The car and bike routes are a bit closer to reality, at 2.3 miles. I guess Google just doesn’t understand foot-based travel.


1. cooperatoby - 20 February 2013

Good idea but i don’t know how to. However i’m sure their search algorithms can find me! Next, there’s their imperfect understanding of the STIB’s timetables to deal with…

2. Simon Blackley - 20 February 2013

Did you report this to Google? It’s crowd-sourcing that helps to make Google Maps so reliable most of the time.

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