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Social innovation in tram-building 26 March 2013

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Four Flexcities meet at Churchill

Four Flexcities meet at Churchill

The ESF has helped Bombardier in Brugge to improve the way it builds trams (including Brussels’s Flexcities) as featured in the European Commission’s new Guide to Social Innovation:

Work organisation – tram production in Bombardier

The tram producing department of Bombardier Brugge redesigned its work organisation in the framework of an ESF project in 2010-2011. The challenge the company intended to address was the increased stress of team managers due to a higher complexity of the work and the inability of teams to cope with certain technical problems due to a lack of authority or support from outside the team. With the redesigning of the work organisation, Bombardier aimed at reducing the stress at
managerial level and increasing the efficiency at team level.The innovative response consisted in the introduction of the star-model, a new organisational architecture with the redefinition of the team members’ roles and their increased responsibility.
According to the new model, specific functional tasks (e.g.: safety, quality, maintenance), impacting the work of each production team, are taken up by individual team members. Communication processes and information flows between and within teams have also been revised. As a result, participants have expressed that their autonomy and the information flow have improved significantly. The tram production department in Brugge is currently the best performing unit within Bombardier Brugge in domains such as quality, on-time delivery and productivity. The project has been followed up by all shop floor supervisors and is going to be implemented in other production units.


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