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Perhaps one shouldn’t read too much into models 6 May 2013

Posted by cooperatoby in Brussels.
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Derailed mini-ThalysWe visited Mini-Europe the other week (see photo album), a temptation I’ve denied myself for two decades that was finally made inevitable by the visit to Brussels of my two step-grandsons Tijme and Siem (along with their parents Roos and Michiel of course). It was a now-or-never decision, given the rumours that the attraction is to close.
Mini-Europe's entirely ineffectual fireboats
I enjoyed the fine architectural models and I loved the jokes: Don Quixote plods along a path in La Mancha; in a nearby lake three dolphins leap, and nearby a diver is pursued to the end of time by a shark – the boys love sharks. Their favourite though was the ‘fire at the oil terminal’ scenario in which a tank goes up in flames and is attended by two fireboats drawn by underwater cables. These squirt water in entirely the wrong direction – and the fire obediently goes out anyway. Unfortunately Vesuvius waited till we were leaving before it exploded.
There are a number of entertaining sideshows which on that Sunday morning were uncrowded: you can pilot radio-controlled boats, help a gendarme to catch a robber, and compose a customised electronic postcard to e-mail to your friends
Mini-Europe mirrors the rise and fall of Europe’s self-confidence – the early EU countries are represented in force – and so is fractious Britain – and the high point of European optimism, the fall of the Berlin Wall, is enacted before one’s very eyes (thankfully the famous Brezhnev-Honecker kiss is not animated). More recently, the obligation to include each new EU member state seems to have grown too onerous – Malta is represented rather minimally by a prehistoric stone circle.
Symbolic derailment?
And the park is showing its age. Nothing is left of some exhibits (Pisa cathedral, what I imagine was an Alpine cable-car) but a ghostly impression, so it seem that the owners have decided that maintaining them is no longer worth the candle – although the first building that greets one is the renovated Berlaymont, so some money (whose?) has been invested recently. Most of the lorries that used to drive around following cleverly buried wires now sit stationary.
Perhaps what best symbolises Mini-Europe’s decline is the model of the Thalys high-speed train. Various other trains shuttle to and from advertising sponsors such as DHL, but the Thalys has toppled off its track, and no one has rescued it. This is inappropriate because the real-life Thalys (unlike a certain other attempt at a high-speed train in these parts) actually works rather well.
Outside the gates, there is a jolly fairground roundabout and disappointing catering establishments that visitors to tourist attractions have to suffer.


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