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Global grant in Puglia 29 November 2013

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During the 3rd Poverty Convention in Brussels this week, I speed-dated Antonio Spera of Confcooperative Puglia, who had come from Bari to explain how they use the ESF’s global grant mechanism to promote co-operatives. It is a pioneering example of how to improve the management of the ESF through partnership. 280 enterprises have benefitted so far.

Confcooperative PugliaPuglia’s Piccoli Sussidi (Small Grants) scheme aims to support “social, infrastructure and economic revitalisation actions which support the development of the third sector and contribute to integrated and sustainable growth and a better quality of life”. It does this by making grants of up to €35,000 and by investing in the capital of enterprises.
The first such scheme, worth €8.2m, was financed under measure 5.3 of the 2000-2006 ESF operational programme for Puglia. It was agreed just before the programme ended, and ran until 2008. To manage it, two co-operative funds – Fondosviluppo and APE (Agenzia per la Promozione della Cooperazione Sociale) – set up a ‘temporary group’ (Raggruppamento Temporaneo di Scopo – RTS).
The ESF provided €7.55m of the fund, which has financed the full cost of 3 actions:
1. consolidation of organisations working in work and social integration, promoting technological innovation and quality improvement (187 grants)
2. services to create new social inclusion enterprises, including consortia, and opportunities for self-employment by disadvantaged people (21 grants)
3. support and services to create permanent jobs for non-autonomous people (52 grants)
A 4th action, worth €650,000, has made 20 investments in the risk capital of third sector organisations. This money was provided by Fondosviluppo and APE, the members of which are Banca Etica, DROM (Lega’s national consortium of social co-operatives), Coopfond (a Lega fund) and SEFEA, the European ethical banking consortium. These are in turn fed by a 3% profit levy on members of Confcooperative and the Lega respectively. It is thus a solidarity-based mechanism through which co-operatives invest according to their means in the development of the sector.
The results are that 1,350 people have been trained, 150 have undertaken work experience, 48 people have received help to find employment, and 21 new enterprises have been founded. The main challenge, Spera says, is that co-operatives are not used to writing bids and business plans. A notable innovation is that the scheme has supported a co-operative which provides work for Roma in activities such as transport, logistics and cleaning.
A new agreement worth €6m was signed in March 2012 to run until the end of 2014. Demand has been unprecedented, and there were 700 responses to the call for proposals. Most applications have come from ‘type A’ (social services) co-ops.

Antonio Spera
Leader Soc. Coop. Cons.
Viale L Einaudi, 15
I – 70125 Bari
+39 080 501 1001



1. nuarccommunity - 6 January 2014

Hi Toby….I m very interested in your Puglia blog. As you may see from my wordpress I am currently working on projects for non-profit organisation and co-operative in the Puglia region. I would love to talk with you or email incase you can advise me about the project. Thanks niki.
ps loving your whole site.

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