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Missing links 29 November 2015

Posted by cooperatoby in EU, Social enterprise.

EQUAL archived website front pageThe other day I was dismayed to find that my habitual Google searches for ‘Social Business Initiative’ and ‘EQUAL’ didn’t work anymore. Both sites contain a wealth of useful reference documents on EU policy. Prime suspect was the Digital Transformation, the Commission’s search-and-destroy mission on its wonderful web presence, whose stated objective is to “help people find the information they are looking for quickly and easily” but which in fact has the opposite effect by erasing history and disabling countless external links.

Happily I found that links I’d previously written into Wikipedia articles still worked. What has happened is that the Commission has obscured them. In the case of the SBI it’s an accidental result of the merger between the Enterprise and Internal Market DGs, and in the case of EQUAL it seems to be sheer bloody-mindedness that the EQUAL archive site is hidden from search engines.

Anyway all is not lost. Here are the links: SBI: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/social-economy/enterprises/index_en.htm

EQUAL: http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/equal_consolidated/


1. simonblackley - 14 December 2015

The screenshot claims that the page was archived nearly five years ago. Is it true?

2. cooperatoby - 30 November 2015

Good point. But it seems imposssible to find. The AEIDL website will be the only usable source.

3. katalin - 30 November 2015

very precious message, thank you Toby. Maybe the Linking Local Actors database is still somewhere there, ‘unlinked’?

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