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How to use CLLD 21 February 2016

Posted by cooperatoby in EU.
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LEADER in peopleCommunity-led local development means delegating development decisions to multistakeholder Local Action Groups. There’s a goldmine of info on how to implement CLLD from the FARNET transnational conference in Edinburgh on 8-10 Dec 15.

Well-proven through LEADER, CLLD is now taking off more broadly with €9.3 bn of ESIF funds allocated across 28 Member States and an expected 2,500 rural areas and 300 fisheries areas setting up LAGs and FLAGs. CLLD is also possible in urban areas in 11 MSs.
One key tip is how Poland uses 3 simplified cost options (SCOs), for:
– a lump sum for preparatory support (rather like the €15,000 preparatory grant in Flanders’s ESF transationality call in Jan 16 [link]
– a flat rate for running costs and animation
– a lump sum for business start-up

Another is how Sweden is using CLLD to integate migrants


1. David - 21 February 2016

Interesting to see what you are up to Toby! Check your Facebook and Messenger – David T. from Reading School

cooperatoby - 28 February 2016

Good to hear from you after half a century!

2. Samuel - 21 February 2016

Great post! I was wondering if most CLLD are mostly Leader based, i.e. if they are centered of coming from a Leader experience and are basically adding ESF…
And more important… will it be possible to include CLLDs in the OP in the midterm review?

cooperatoby - 28 February 2016

I think they are mostly Leader, yes. But I’m not sure how many are bringing the ESF into the funding mix.
As far as I know MAs can include new measures at half-time, yes.

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