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Since June 2019 I have been a member of AEIDL’s board. This follows 4 years as leader of the ESF Transnational Platform, supporting mutual learning among national ESF managing authorities. I also led the EMEN – European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network and BSI – Buying for Social Impact – on socially responsible public procurement. Here are some other recent projects.

Recent projects

1. I supported the ESF Social Entrepreneurship Network (SEN) which created a matrix of good practice in developing social enterprises. Its closing conference took place in Brussels on 28 January 2015.
2. I carried out a study on NGO financing for Eurodiaconia, and helped with a study on the concept of ‘provider neutrality’ for EASPD.
3. AEIDL is a non-profit and devotes its surpluses to furthering its objectives. I chaired its ‘Sub-committee 3’ on Own Projects, which notably is supporting the development of ECOLISE – the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability – which brings visibility to the host of Transition, Ecovillages and similar initiatives in Europe. SC3 also supported the development of a training course on sustainable urban development, Sustainable Constellations.
4. I am the principal editor of Wikipreneurship – why not contribute?
EQUAL project cycle
5. I wrote the UK chapter and the summary booklet of the MESMER study on social dialogue in social enterprises.
6. I updated 61 good practices on gender equality for EIGE.
7. I was on the Scientific Committee of the EU’s Mapping Study of Social Enterprises and their Ecosystems in Europe (SBI Key Action 5), carried out by ICF-GHK and published in November 2014. It sets the stage for the Social Economy Action Plan ptoposed by Nicolas Schmit.
8. I wrote 4 case studies on the ESF and Community-Led Local Development (CLLD): on Alston Cybermoor, Barka Foundation, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, and InWest in Dortmund.
9. I edited the set of seven URBACT Thematic Reports Cities of Tomorrow: Action Today
10. I edited the set of 50 case studies on urban regeneration in the ERDF.
11. I monitored the ESF Learning Network on Transnational Co-operation, which designed how countries can work together more coherently in the 2014-20 programming period – a sort of bottom-up EQUAL lite if I dare say so.
12. I monitored and supported the ESF community of practice on inclusive entrepreneurship, COPIE
13. How to write: I occasionally train AEIDL’s staff on how to write, covering minute-taking, reports and briefing notes, journalistic articles and presentations. The key points are to write with the audience in mind, and analyse the key factors of a situation. Most fun is the exercise of writing a news report from a set of minutes.
CIMG9053 Dorotea presents our chart11. Moderation: I also facilitate meetings using Metaplan techniques – using cards to construct problem and solution trees on charts on the wall.


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