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How can SEN change the world? 24 September 2013

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IFAD logframe cartoonThe Social Entrepreneurship Network’s logical framework allows us to keep track of whether we are achieving our objectives:

(Thanks for cartoon to IFAD)

SEN logframe

I think at Trento we kept on track, assembled a great stakeholder group, and covered the critical success factors quite well.

What should we look out for? I would say that:
– as regards the food for our work, the partners‘ role is crucial in contributing examples of good practice
– as regards changing the world, we have to constantly ensure that Structural Fund programmers are aware of the options we propose

A cargo ship where the cargo is water 3 June 2012

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Remarkable inverted logic from Guidotti Alvaro, one for the salvors of the Costa Concordia, the 114,500 tonne cruise ship that ran aground on the island of Giglio in 13 Jan 12, explaining why they don’t plan to patch the holes in the hull or drain the ship:

“We don’t need to seal the ship since the boxes give it sufficient buoyancy,” said Alvaro. “It’s just like a cargo ship except the cargo is water.”

Source: Guardian 17 May 12

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