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I demand less TV! 2 October 2013

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Belgian flag TVI have a modest proposal for an innovation which would save us all a lot of time and make our days brighter, more focused and creative.
What I want is a way to reduce the number of television channels I receive – not at random of course but by picking out the good ones and consigning the rest of the rubbish to permanent and invisible oblivion. At The moment the sheer exhausting number of mindless channels that would invade my home is seriously deterring me from switching to digital TV (yes I’m still analogue).
I suppose the catch is that cable channels earn their money by charging the channels for distributing them, so they want to pump as many options into each home as they can. But I think this has backfired. Today the range of channels to be clicked laboriously through is simply exhausting, and in the end revolting, given some of their mindless content.
Television needs to be repositioned higher up the market, and that means giving viewers a way to cut out the dross so it never bothers them again. Surely some sort of ‘channel concentrator’ – a filter that only lets through the channels you have chosen – would be child’s play to make?

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